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Stephano Lettering

Don't Underestimate the Power of Letters _ EBook

Don't Underestimate the Power of Letters _ EBook

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This book represents the pinnacle of my artistic career, combining knowledge, experience, and inspiration in a single indispensable volume for anyone fascinated by the world of letters.

312 LETTERS >> 234 Illustrated letters + 78 Training letters

A Complete Guide for Enthusiasts and Professionals: Suitable for both beginners and professionals, the book offers an in-depth look at the art of lettering. With 9 different illustrations for each letter of the alphabet and detailed tutorials on creating it in 3 variations of cursive style, I aim to share with you my meticulous study and passion for every aspect of the letter.


Take ispiration: Get the inspo you need for your work by choosing from a variety of styles. You've got all the letters of the alphabet at your fingertips. Each of the chosen words starts with a different letter of the alphabet, so you'll have the chance to check out every uppercase, lowercase, spacing, and ligature between letters.


Learn the Art of Flourishes: Take advantage of a section entirely dedicated to flourishes, where I illustrate how these elements can enrich your creations, providing practical tools and advice for effectively integrating them into your work.


Experiences and Advice Directly from the Artist: Through the prefaces and my biography, I write about the personal motivations and journeys that have shaped my unique style, offering you a source of genuine inspiration.


A Space for Your Creativity: The book includes blank spaces designed to allow you to practice and experiment. These pages are your personal laboratory for applying the techniques learned and bringing your ideas to life.

Share Your Art: Use these pages to express your creativity, then share your progress and your works by tagging @stephano.lettering.


What inside?

  • Biography
  • Preface
  • 312 Illustrated letters
  • 26 Papers training
  • 78 Practice letters
  • 5 Complete alphabets
  • 26 Ispirational words
  • Flourishes tutorial


What to Expect:

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  • You can print the PDF or view it on compatible devices.

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