I am Stefano Pedruzzi, born in August 1994 in Bergamo, a city in northern Italy.

My artistic imprinting began on the walls, where, at just 13 years old, I discovered the expressive power of graffiti. This initial encounter with art taught me more than I could have imagined: design, proportion, and above all, the strength of manual skill. The streets became my first true school, a place where I could experiment artistically and grow as a person, nurturing traits that would be essential in my future, such as ambition and dedication. My interest gradually shifted from the vibrancy of colors to the structure of letters. I began to focus less on effects and more on the pure form of the letter, its anatomy. Calligraphy entered my life as a revelation, seamlessly and gradually leading me into a world where ink and paper replaced spray paint and walls.

The tools and mediums changed, but my constant search and study of the letter remained. My degree in Communication Design from the Politecnico di Milano was not merely an academic journey, but a continuous exploration of the infinite possibilities of the letter, particularly in the commercial realm.

Adding a digital component to my more tangible background, I mastered all the necessary tools to commercialize my artifacts. From here, I began to apply my art on every possible surface: from large walls to elegant handwritten invitations, to digital logos. Each project was a dialogue between myself, the surface, and the letter, always striving to bring a piece of myself into every work.

In 2018, I ventured further, exploring skin as a new medium for my art. Tattooing became a natural extension of my work, allowing me to transform letters into something even more personal and indelible.

I rediscovered the pleasure and challenge of mastering a new tool and medium. My artistic path is a reflection of my life: a continual commitment to learning and experimentation.

Whether it’s the stroke of a pen on paper, spray on a wall, the digital touch on a graphics tablet, or the precision of a tattoo needle, each creation is a piece of my journey, a story told through the letter.